Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Engagement Fazul & Amelia

okay, I know its been ages since the last post. We have been rather preoccupied with other projects :) But hey, we're back. We even have a workshop in the works (finally!) which we will update later. 

We'd love to share this beautiful PARTY TIP: We think this dainty centerpiece can brighten up any table arrangement. Its awfully cheap and easy to make. You can get the wet or dry flower foam (at any florist or household store), cut it in half (if a square shape is what you're after) and cover the surface with flowers (cut 1.5cm from the bud) of your choice. you can mix and match them, color coordinate them to suit your event! personally we chose daisies because its cheap and its super durable (it can last up to 3 days on a dry sponge, just spritz them occasionally). Funner: we had a buffet dinner party the other day and had individual personalized messages scribbled on small colorful paper squares jutting out from a spring poker on each arrangement for each table, some of which read: "Tambahlah nasi, jangan malu malu ... " and "Jemputlah makan kuih muih" ... hehe our guests later told us how funny it was and some of them had fun going from table to table reading the notes :) ... If you try it, please tell us how it went for you ... we'd love to hear about it!

Flower Box Centerpiece

As for now... its our pleasure to present to you our creations for Fazul's engagement. He wanted green orchids for his set for amy and we came up with a whole array of beautifully crafted designs :) its not all here, just a little preview... enjoy!

This is our twist on the traditional sireh junjung tray... 

Sireh Bloom

Sireh Bloom Tray

The ring hanging garden ring bearer with the teeny handmade ladybird (can you spot her?) sets off the ring perfectly on its mossy green carpet. we love this one A LOT. hehe...

Ring Bearer Bloom

The baby pink and green cupcakes are as yummy as they look! hehehe... we should know. we had trouble stopping. haha.. a friend made them, you can get them for parties, birthdays, tea, any excuse really :)

 Cupcakes Bloom
to view the rest of the set, kindly call us for a chat or drop us an email. we'll get back to you pronto! we'd love some feedback too, thanks :)

and here, these are some of the themes we explored previously...

The twiggy nest set below is greatly inspired by midsummer night's dream... we think if fairies went wild with decorating their nest it would end up somewhat like this ... hehe
Midsummer Hantaran

The sweet fruit nest below is a daintier version of the one above. Its very feminine and it enhances the color of the grapes and apples. This set would be perfect for a reddish/pinkish theme :)

Elven Hantaran

This one has a traditional malay island vibe. very simple, straightforward and yet the contrasting magenta of the frangipani against the deep green gives it enough character :)
my late grandma would be happy to know her tembaga kena beraso. ehehe miss you grandma.

Ledang Hantaran
Tropiks Fruit Basket

we're also very much into household knickknacks, baskets and oddbits which we sell in bazaars. The one directly below we affectinally call our "Sipadan Basket". Isn't it just beachy? We absolutely love it!

Sipadan Basket

Summer  Bloom Pot

our festive and gift hampers... you can have them custom made or standard... 

Diwali Maxi Hamper

thats it for now folks. we do have some more pics coming up soon. so, hurry back okay :)


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